Crush on Mulberry

My first bag was a gorgeous leather Calvin Klein satchel that was the perfect bag for brunches, dinners, shopping and work. It held such sentimental value that it’s name was Calvin- he was never put on the ground in a restaurant or the floor of my car. I held onto this bag as he slowly fell apart after many years of service. It took a friend of mine on a recent trip to New York to say ‘um, I think you need a new bag, yours is falling apart’. Since then, I have tried many bags such as the Marc Jacobs stam bag and nothing is quite like that first beauty from Calvin Klein. But… the amazing Mulberry Alexa bag helps the Calvin pains. The tan version is very practical. With it’s short handles and long strap, this bag is very versatile for work, dinners and everything in between!
I also love the Leopard print version. An expensive bag, but an investment nonetheless.



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