Shoes without the pain

It’s my personal belief that shoes need to be comfortable. Gone are the days when my motto ‘no pain, no gain’ was in reference to footwear- now it’s all about shoes that are able to last all day without sore feet. I see no point in being in agony. If like me, you still like wearing heels, there are many options in footwear that will allow you to boogie all night on the dance floor or work all day without pain. Oh, and a pedicure never hurts!

20130107-205207.jpgJac+Jack Chatai Chapel shoes here
These shoes are so comfy- I could literally walk for days in them! Such a high quality design. Pair these with a maxi dress and a statement necklace for summer barbecue parties.

20130107-211445.jpgTony Bianco dice coyote kid suede here
These beauties tick every box. Nude colour? Tick. Ankle strap? Tick. Heel? Tick. With a slightly lower heel, your weight is more evenly distributed over the ball of your foot and your heel, hence less pressure is put on one area. The ankle strap also gives more support. Wear these to a wedding and feel confident in dancing the night away.

20130107-213233.jpgThurley tribe clog here
I’ve always loved clogs, and the divine colour on this gorgeous pair by Thurley makes them even more enchanting. Pair these shoes with skinny jeans and an oversized tee for a Sunday brunch.

Tips to help sore feet

* Lush volcano foot mask is an affordable and amazing product. Head here to purchase from

*Rub olive oil into dry areas of your feet. The oil is more readily absorbed into your skin than lotions and will soften your skin. Olive oil is also wonderful for your face and nails. I often rub olive oil into my skin after cleansing and wash it off after ten minutes. It does wonders on pimples. It also softens cuticles (if you need to cut them) and strengthens nails.


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