I often get colour inspiration from flowers, so why not incorporate one of the below colours into your outfit. Perhaps a bright lip, a silk scarf or a floral skirt?



Flowers bring my inner gypsy out. Today I’m rocking a wavy, free look by:

separate hair into 4 sections

plait each section, use a hair tie and hairspray all over the plaits

leave your hair in the plaits for 30 minutes (or however long you have before you head out!)

take out the hair ties and separate the plaits

use a sea salt spray. I like Lush’s sea salt spray. It doesn’t weigh your hair down and it smells amazing

and finally, use some more hairspray for extra hold

And voila- similar waves to the gorgeous Kate Hudson below!


Don’t forget to enter our competition for the three of something dress with Sash and Co- follow these two easy steps!

1. follow The Normal Fashionista by clicking ‘follow’ which is in the right bottom hand corner of your screen. Add your email address and confirm by email.

2. like Sash & CO on Facebook

But hurry, the winner will be announced this Friday!


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