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This week I caught up with the amazing Sarah from the online boutique Sash & CO. Her sharp eye for fashion has made a huge splash in the online shopping scene since starting her store last year. I sat down with the creative and bubbly director of Sash & CO to find out her take on fashion, how the industry is changing and what makes her feel confident. Read through to find out The Normal Fashionista’s exciting news!


1. If you could choose one piece from Sash & Co’s online store, what would it be? What would you team this piece with? I would choose the finders keepers ‘you sent me dress’ matched with my nine west nude platform heels – perfect for a birthday, wedding or any exciting occasion!

2. Have you always had a love of fashion?Yes I loved fashion since I was a little girl. I had jelly glitter sandals when I was five and never took them off!

3. What made you decide to start on Sash & CO? Since I was a little girl, i have always wanted to own a boutique, but I put my dream aside and studied criminal justice at university instead. I missed fashion too much and so I decided and to start Sash & CO. The online fashion scene is huge right now.

4. Describe your fashion style in 3 words 
class, bold and beautiful

5. What fashion piece gives you an instant boost? I love wearing an item that stands out from the whole outfit. For instance- the Mimco rose gold choker is a life saver. It brings class to an outfit! I am not a shoe or accessory person- I am definitely a clothing person. I love eye catching styles and uniqueness.

6. What colour makes you feel confident when wearing it? 
I love a variety of colours. All colours can give a splash, but it is style and boldness that brings out the confidence and the stand out!

7. How do you choose which fashion designers and pieces you would like to offer to Sash & CO clients? 
 I selected the designers of styles that I personally loved. I choose pieces that stand out, that are simple yet sexy and are practical for most females. I am also learning along the way about the style, material and quality of a good designer’s pieces. It is a very interesting process!

8. Describe your office – 
I love my office! It has lots of character and style.
The Sash & CO theme is Black and Yellow. My garments are all packaged in black tissue paper and tapered with a neon yellow ‘Sash and Co’ sticker. I love the idea of every client receiving their item beautifully packaged and presented – like receiving a gift!

9. You recently had a baby, has this changed your style at all? 
Yes I learned so much from my little one- he even picks styles and items out too! My little one has definitely changed me to be more open, calm, and easy, so it has affected my taste on clothes and styles. I used to like wearing safe fashion items – simple black and white. Now I have my own style, mixing prints or patterns and colours- i now can’t live without it! So yes, he has changed my wardrobe, my style and made my life full!

10. Your customer service is wonderful. Is this important to you? Excellent Customer service is of utmost importance. My whole business revolves around that. I understand the online business – having been a big online shopper myself, I understand the big risk of purchasing something that you haven’t tried on. We want to satisfy our clients and always ensure descriptive item information and photos from all angles to try and give our clients the best possible idea about what they are buying. I have had so much wonderful feedback from clients about our prompt service and about the website.
Referrals and return customers says it all. But we are always learning and improving because fashion never sleeps!

Check out Sash & CO’s website to find amazing and unique pieces!


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